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We try a lot and sometimes the first attempts are not perfect yet. To ensure that our glass objects with small flaws also find a loving home, we gift you a free glass-bowl with every order.


Just add this bonus-glass-bowlto your cart and we’ll send you a wonderful Upcycle Glass Bowl FOR FREE.


Bonus objects cannot be ordered alone and only one bonus object per order is possible.

Only while stocks last.


Possible flaws include small glaze flaws, small bubbles in the glaze, or other irregularities. All very small errors and only visible when looking very closely.

Our color glaze is water-based – completely free of harmful substances, absolutely food safe and dishwasher safe.

The glaze is not 100% scratch resistant, so be careful with sharp knives and forks. We recommend using the plate as a serving dish, fruit bowl or decorative object.

Our upcycled objects are often up to 100 years old. Slight signs of use, small irregularities or minimal discoloration are therefore unavoidable. We hope you will understand.

Out of stock


For our upcycling objects we are searching high quality pieces at flea markets and charity stores all over Europe: Tableware, fabrics and glass objects that we can give a new life. For example, we refine traditional English tableware with high-quality ceramic glaze and create a completely new modern design.

We collaborate with various European manufacturers to create the upcycling objects. With every purchase you support self-employed and small businesses – from flea market stands to ceramic manufacturers.


For ecological reasons, we pack exclusively with cardboard, paper and recycled materials. In addition, we ship climate-neutral with DHL.

Additional information

Weight 0,47 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 4 cm

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